Call for New Bloggers!

We are looking for new regular contributors for the NGSC WordPress blog on If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief letter of interest (no longer than 1 page) to by January 22.

Bloggers are responsible for publishing at least 1-2 posts per month. New bloggers will start February 1, 2011.

We hope writers will address the issues that affect, inspire, and rile them as novice professionals learning to navigate the field and establish how they will contribute to it. There are no preset categories or topics on which to write, so we encourage interested bloggers to let your interests drive your content. Topics might include questions, challenges, and solutions to pedagogical issues as well as research, reading, and writing methodologies. You might also blog about what you’re teaching and how you’re teaching it, what you’re reading or re-reading in the field that you find useful and exciting, as well as what professional activities you participate in (reading groups, planning conferences, attending conferences, trying to get published, etc.). The posts already published on the blog serve only as a guide and we hope new voices and interests will expand the array of topics and content. Most of all, we hope contributing to and reading our blog will be fun and rewarding! We hope you will apply to blog for us!

Note: You do not need to be a NASSR member to apply.