NASSR 2017 Daily Recap: Friday, Aug. 11

By Caroline Winter

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Caroline Winter’s Recap
I started the day by chairing a wonderful panel on Affect and Economics. I was especially excited about this since I’m working on Romantic economics myself. It was lovely to hear about the work that others are doing in this area, and it made me wonder what became of New Economic Criticism? I’ve heard a lot of this kind of criticism pop up in various contexts throughout the conference, but we don’t seem to see it as a coherent strand of criticism, and I’m not sure why.

Another highlight of my day was co-chairing the NGSC Professionalization panel, the theme of which was Survival. Our wonderful panellists–Devoney Looser, Vivasvan Soni, Eugenia Zaroski, and Ian Newman–offered advice and answers to our questions about things like keeping up with all the new work in our field, establishing a writing practice, and entering the job market when academic is your second career. My takeaway from the session was that, confirming my own experience, it’s really important to not let your academic life consume you: find something else that you love to do, and don’t neglect your relationships with friends and family.
My next stop was Devoney Looser’s seminar on Jane Austen at 200, which took the form of a group discussion. We talked a lot about navigating the divide between the “bonnet crowd” and Austen scholarship, and some (including me) voiced our frustration about not being taken seriously as Austen scholars because we also love the work we’re studying.
Robert Mitchell’s wonderful keynote about regulation closed out the day. Onto Day 3!