Disastrous Summers: NASSR Graduate Student Caucus’s First Quarterly Blog Series (Updated)


Extended Deadline for Abstract and Author Bio Submissions: August 20th, 2020 

Contact email: nassrgradstudentcaucus@gmail.com

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus welcomes abstracts by fellow graduate students related to social, personal, environmental, and political disasters associated with the Romantic Period. The ongoing pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter protests raise several parallel themes seen during the nineteenth century that make this topic very timely. In response to the current conversations and protests surrounding institutionalized racism in our current society, we are re-circulating our CFP to encourage fellow Romanticists to consider how we can see these same problematic topics and themes in nineteenth-century literature. This call for papers is for a rolling academic blog series on the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus forum on Humanities Commons. Although all proposals will be considered, we are most interested in essays relating to political and environmental disasters in the Romantic era, with special emphasis pertaining to:

  • Racism and Slavery in the Romantic Period
  • Global Romanticism
  • #Bigger Six
  • Eco-critical readings of Romantic-era works
  • Texts written about or during summer
  • Bodily and/or mental illness
  • Romantic era society and politics

Submission Guidelines

We are asking those interested to submit 300 to 500 words abstracts and 200 words author biographies by June 9, 2020. Abstracts and author biographies should use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spacing, and be combined into a single file submission. Submitted essays are expected to adhere to MLA 8th Edition formatting and citation style and be no more than 2,000 words in total. Please submit your application by email at nassrgradstudentcaucus@gmail.com, with your last name and the word “BlogSubmission” as the file name. 

About the NASSR Graduate Student Caucus

The NASSR Graduate Student Caucus (NGSC) is intended as a venue, under the aegis of NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism; www.nassr.ca/), for graduate students interested in the study of Romanticism to make contact with one another and to share intellectual and professional resources.

We are committed to working together to further the interests, not only of the graduate student community in Romantic studies, but also of the broader profession, by helping to train active and engaged scholars who will continue to strengthen and advance themselves and the discipline. All graduate student members of NASSR are invited to attend caucus meetings and to participate in elections and panels.

For any queries, please feel free to email the organization committee at nassrgradstudentcaucus@gmail.com, or visit our website at http://nassrgrads.hcommons.org/ for more information.

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