Board Members

NASSR Graduate Student Caucus Co-Chairs: 

Sarah Faulkner (U of Washington)
Stephanie Edwards (McMaster U)
Travis Lau (Penn)
Caroline Winter (U of Victoria)

Faculty Advisors:

Jill Heydt-Stevenson (CU-Boulder)
Jared S. Richman (Colorado College)
Thora Brylowe (CU-Boulder)

Board Members:
Caroline Winter, Managing Editor of NGSC blog (U of Victoria)
Michael Bartch (U of Connecticut, Storrs)
Trey Conaster (The Ohio State U)
Talia Croan (Boston U)
Emily Dolive (U of New Hampshire)
Amy Gaeta (U of Wisconsin)
Jennifer Hargrave (Rice U)
Arden Hegele (Columbia U)
Courtney Hoffman (U of Georgia)
Kurtis Hessel (CU-Boulder)
Kelli Towers Jasper (CU-Boulder)
Joey Kim (The Ohio State U)
Jennifer Leeds (Washington State U)
Deven Parker (CU-Boulder)
Anna Shajirat (U of Washington)
Christopher Stampone (Southern Methodist U)
Erin Vander Wall (George Washington U)
Sang Wu (Cornell U)
How do I become a Board Member?
Any graduate student studying Romanticism who would like to be a participating Board Member can be one. Contact the NGSC for more information. We welcome participation at the masters and doctoral levels.
What do Board Members do?
Board members help the Chair organize events, such as grad student pub nights at conferences. They also suggest ways to make the NGSC better and then work together to make those suggestions happen.
How do I join the NGSC listserv?
To join the Caucus listserv for regular announcements about Romanticism-related events and opportunities, send an e-mail to Leave the subject line blank, and place the following text in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE NASSR-GSC Your Name

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