Romantic Web Communities

One of the great advantages we have as scholars is the opportunity to form communities beyond our institutions — not just at annual conferences in remote locales, but also in ongoing conversations on the web. These online communities are fora for scholarly dialogue and informal queries, requests for crowdfunding special projects and historical sites, and repositories of archival material. Here’s a brief roundup of selected sites, listservs, and communities available to Romanticists (and if you know of more, please get in touch!).
Academic listservs:
(1) NASSR List — the list of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (subscription required). The list is frequented by many major scholars in the field, but also graduate students and junior faculty; this is a particularly excellent resource for answers to obscure and arcane historical questions, and for links to major awards and opportunities in the field. Continue reading “Romantic Web Communities”

Welcome New Bloggers!

We’d like to welcome our new NASSR graduate student bloggers:

Kaitlin Gowan, Arizona State University
Laura Kremmel, Lehigh University
Kimberly Kaczorowski, University of Utah
Carmen Mathes, University of British Columbia
Aaron Ottinger, University of Washington
Randie Sessler, NYU
Cesar Soto, California State University
Mary Ellen Williams, University of California, Davis

As you can see, our new bloggers come from a variety of institutions.

 They also have diverse research interests.  All of them, of course, have a passion for Romanticism, and we’re looking forward to posts about everything from research resources and new digital tools to pedagogy and writing a prospectus.

Watch this space soon for new posts from new voices!

Call for New Bloggers

The NGSC is currently seeking applications for five new bloggers for 2012.

We ask that NGSC bloggers commit to writing at least one blog entry a month.

If you visit the blog often, you’ll know that our bloggers post about a variety of topics, including reflections about individual research, reviews of research tools and resources, information about libraries/collections/archives, updates about conferences, etc. More general posts about about graduate school and pedagogy are also welcome. It’s not formal, and it’s a great way to engage with a large community of people interested in Romanticism.

In order to apply, please email a one-page letter of intent along with a CV to: Applications are on due on February 1, 2011. Applicants will be notified by February 10.

We look forward to hearing from you!